Thursday, June 23, 2016

Big Wave Surfboards

Big Wave Surfboards
original oil painting, 12x12  SOLD
Elliott Fouts Gallery

Big wave surfboards in Paia, Maui, part of a colorful surfboard fence along the Hana Highway. The tow-in surfboards are used in conditions when it's too big to paddle or when a wave breaks in an area that is remote or difficult to access. Think "Jaws" near Paia or "Mavericks" in Half Moon Bay.

The tow-in board is basically a surfer's version of a snow board, complete with foot straps that enable the surfer to stay connected to the board. The boards are short, 5'5" to 6'2" relatively thin, with wider tails and noses. The features of the tow-in boards are more consistent with shortboards, rather than traditional big wave surfboards.

Anyway, it's a colorful surfboard fence that really catches your eye.  See the painting in a show titled Hello Summer! at Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento.

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